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Various structures rehabilition Town of Caledon

Project 17-4870

The information below is specific to your private entrance located in close proximity to the work zone.

To complete the proposed works only a single lane of traffic will be in operation during construction. The vehicle direction on Old Church Road will alternate between eastbound and westbound traffic facilitated by traffic signals at the east and west ends of the project site. Your driveway is located between these traffic signals.

During the first stage the south half of the bridge will be removed and traffic will be on the north side. During the second stage the north half of the bridge will be removed and the traffic will be on the south side.

To ensure you can safely drive into and out of your driveway the Contractor will be installing an additional temporary traffic signal on the north side of the road at your driveway. Please note the following when exiting your driveway

A schematic showing your driveway in relation to the work zone for both stages is indicated on the next page.

If you have any questions regarding this information or there are any concerns that arise during construction please contact the reference numbers provided.