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Construction update – Silverthorn pumping station

Expansion work. Project 15-1940

The Region of Peel is expanding the drinking water pumping station located at 881 Bloor Street.

This construction is needed to improve existing water services now and into the future. Tap water comes from a treatment plant at Lake Ontario, and is delivered through a distribution system, including facilities like the Silverthorn Pumping Station and Reservoir, to your home.


Please see the attached sketch for the Phase areas.

Phase 1
Spring 2019 to Summer 2022

This work was initially expected to be completed by the summer of 2021. It was delayed due to unforeseen site conditions, the watermain break in August 2019, and COVID-19.

This outdoor work includes:

Phase 2
Spring 2023 to Summer 2024

It is anticipated the reservoir expansion construction will start immediately after the pumping station expansion work is complete.

This indoor work includes:

Working hours

Construction will normally take place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. If we must work outside of these hours, we will let you know.

Construction information

Interrupting your water supply

We do not anticipate interrupting your water supply during construction. However, if it is necessary, it is our goal to let you know 48 hours (two days) in advance and minimize any disruption.

Who to contact

If you require assistance or have questions during the project, please contact our Project Manager, Teodor Kochmar, at 905-867-6447.

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