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Affordable housing and homelessness support

All levels of government must work together to help solve the housing crisis.

The scale of this challenge goes far beyond what Peel Region alone can pay to meet the community’s housing needs.

While building new affordable units to address this crisis is key, building alone cannot solve the problem quickly, and Peel Region cannot do it alone.

Actions we're taking

Affordable housing

A lack of affordable housing is impacting individual and community well-being in Peel communities.

We continue to advocate to the federal and provincial governments for the following support:


We continue to address this issue with compassion by:

We need to close the funding gap.

We need ongoing and long-term funding from all levels of government to address homelessness and meet affordable housing needs in Peel.

Peel Region’s housing funding gap is $4 billion over the next 10 years to simply maintain today’s level of services.

This means that presently, funding meets only about 19% of Peel’s housing needs, and less than one in 5 households are able to get the help they need.

To close this gap, we must receive adequate and sustainable funding for Peel’s affordable housing system. This level of funding is essential to support clients, maintain existing housing assets, and provide and expand new affordable and supportive housing.


2023 Housing AMO briefing notes