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Peel Public Health COVID-19 vaccination clinics are closed today

Due to the extreme weather, all vaccination appointments are cancelled for Monday, January 17.


Missed child care days due to COVID-19

Funding is available if your child is absent or if your child care program has been asked to close.

If you have a child enrolled in a licensed child care program (including licensed home child care) in Peel who misses child care due to COVID-19 related reasons, you can receive a credit or refund for the missed days.

This funding is provided by the Government of Ontario and Government of Canada.

Child absenteeism coverage

Your child care provider will credit or refund your child care fees for eligible absent days, within 45 days of the eligible absence, from April 1 to December 31, 2021. You’re eligible to receive a credit or refund if you pay child care fees and your child misses child care because they:

  1. Did not pass active screening questions asked by the child care provider, parent or guardian.
  2. Were directed by Peel Public Health to close the home, centre, or classroom due to a positive, confirmed COVID-19 case.
  3. Were directed by a doctor, health care provider or Peel Public Health to self-isolate due to a confirmed, positive COVID-19 case.

If your child misses care because they were directed to stay home by a doctor, health care provider or Peel Public Health, your provider will credit or refund you for the missed days and these days will not count towards the number of days set by your provider’s child absenteeism policy.

Speak to your child care provider for more information about the specifics of its child absenteeism policy, including the number of absent days supported.

Your child care provider's regular policy will apply to all absences that are not related to COVID-19.

Other information

The service providers listed received funding from the Region of Peel to support a Child Absenteeism Policy from April 1 to December 31, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, talk with your service provider. If you’re unable to come to a resolution, contact the Region of Peel.

Licensed home child care agencies

  • A Child's Place P.H.D.C. (Home Care Agency)
  • Caring For Kids Non Profit Private Home Day Care
  • ChildSPEC Licensed Home Daycare Services
  • Family Day Care - Private Home
  • Kids Kare Home Day Care Agency Ltd.
  • Learning Happens Inc.
  • Terrace Woods Day Care Services
  • Wee Watch (Brampton) Enriched Home Day Care
  • Wee Watch (Mississauga South) Enriched Home Day Care Marian Fountain
  • Wee Watch for Kid's Sake Day Care-Mississauga North

Licensed child care service providers (centre-based)

  • Absolute Angels Child Development Centre
  • Absolute Angels II Daycare
  • Advanced Care & Education Daycare Inc. (Mississauga)
  • Alpha Child Care Ltd.
  • Alpha's Discovery Club Inc.
  • Angel House Services Inc.
  • Angelic Treasures Christian Childcare Centre
  • Appleseed Academy of Early Learning
  • Arijen Limited
  • Bizzy Buddies Learning & Childcare Centres
  • Blue Elephant Daycare Inc.
  • Boni Montessori School Inc.
  • Bright Scholars Academy Inc.
  • Brightpath Kids Corp
  • Brilliant Minds Montessori Centre
  • Building Blocks Nursery School
  • Busy Bees Nursery School Inc.
  • Busy Hands 'N' Minds Childcare Centre Brampton Inc.
  • Busy Hands 'N' Minds Childcare Centre Inc.
  • Caring for Kids Non-Profit Private Home Day Care
  • Centre Educatif Eveil Aux Savoirs
  • Cercle De L'Amitié
  • Children's Choice Daycare Inc.
  • Children's Circle Montessori School
  • Children's Palace Montessori and Preschool
  • Childventures Meadowvale Early Learning Academy Inc.
  • Church of the Nazarene of Brampton
  • Circle of Children Academy
  • Clarkson Co-operative Nursery School
  • Closer II Home Programs
  • Closer to Home Child Care Centre Inc.
  • Colors at Danton
  • Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria
  • Countryside Montessori & Private School Inc.
  • Creative Children's Montessori School
  • Eden Daycare Inc.
  • Educare Children's Centre
  • Eh to Zed Preschool Canada Early Learning Academy
  • Elite Montessori School Inc
  • Erin Mills Co-operative Nursery Inc.
  • Family Day Care Services
  • Family Tree Childcare Centre Ltd.
  • Fisherman Montessori Inc.
  • Forum Italia Day Care Non-Profit Inc.
  • FUN School
  • Fun To Learn Montessori Daycare Inc.
  • Garderie La Fontaine de L'Amitie
  • Genius Minds Inc.
  • Giant Leap Childcare Inc.
  • Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada
  • Hakuna Matata Child Care Centre Inc.
  • Happy Faces (Mississauga) Inc.
  • Hearts In Bloom Academy Childcare Services Inc.
  • Jingbao Bilingual Children's Center (Mississauga)
  • June Lee Investments Ltd.
  • Junior Scholars Preschool Inc.
  • Kaban Montessori Inc.
  • Khalsa Daycare Inc.
  • Khalsa Montessori School
  • Kids & Company Ltd.
  • Kids Zone Childcare Centre
  • Kinder Kids International Corporation
  • King Academy Child Care Centre INC.
  • KRT Christian Schools
  • Lakeside Montessori School Ltd.
  • Learning Jungle School
  • Little Bloomers Childcare Centre Ltd.
  • Little Folks Montessori Inc.
  • Little Folks Montessori Pre-School Inc.
  • Little Rascals Preschool
  • Little Stars Daycare
  • Little Superstars Montessori School & Daycare
  • Lullaboo Nursery and Child Care Centre (Heartland)
  • Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Center (Churchill)
  • Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Centre Inc. (Mississauga)
  • Lullaboo Nursery and Childcare Centre Inc. (Queen)
  • M.B.C. Day Care Centre
  • Marifa Centres Limited
  • Marsal Inc O/A Bright Scholars Montessori
  • Mini-Skool 'A Child's Place' Inc.
  • Montessori Leaders Casa
  • MontessoriWorks Inc.
  • Moya Fewson Day Care (Caledon)
  • Muslim Association of Canada
  • Nestlings Early Learning & Childcare
  • Northridge Montessori School
  • Northstar Montessori Schools Inc.
  • Open Book Daycare Centres Inc.
  • Pathway Childcare Centre Inc.
  • Peel Explore and Learn Centres Inc.
  • PLASP Child Care Services
  • Preschool Petit Bateau Brampton Inc.
  • Preschool Petit Bateau Mississauga Inc.
  • Preschool Petit Bateau PEL Inc.
  • Preschool Petit Bateau York Inc.
  • Prince Edward Montessori School Inc.
  • Puddle Jumpers Prepschool Inc.
  • Rainbow Academy Inc.
  • Rocket Academy of Learning Inc.
  • Royal Academy Montessori Preschool
  • Royal Day Care Centre
  • Royal Montessori School
  • Royal Windsor Montessori & Daycare
  • Sadochok Ukrainian Nursery School Mississauga Inc.
  • Shepherd Montessori Private Catholic School Inc.
  • Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
  • Shining Stars Montessori School
  • Simply Smart Child Care Centre Inc.
  • SimplySmart Child Care Centre 2 Inc.
  • Small Wunders Child Care Centre Inc.
  • Songbirds Montessori School - Ellen St
  • Songbirds Montessori School Inc.
  • Springdale Learning Centre
  • St. Hilary's Community Care Centres Inc.
  • Streetsville Children's Centre Incorporated
  • Tall Pines School Inc.
  • Tender Years Co-operative School Inc.
  • Terry Fox Montessori Inc.
  • The Church of the Nazarene in Ontario O/A Sunshine Children's Centre
  • The Discovery Montessori Inc.
  • The Ridgeway Educational Rec. Centre Ltd.
  • Tiny Treasure Mississauga Day Care
  • Tiny Treasure Montessori School
  • University of Toronto Early Learning Centre
  • Victoria Village Children's Services Ltd.
  • Western Heights Montessori Academy
  • Westpark Daycare Centre
  • White Oaks Montessori School Ltd.
  • White Pines Montessori Academy Inc.
  • Willowbrae Academy Brampton
  • Willows Point Montessori
  • Wonder Kidz II Inc.
  • Wonder Kidz Inc. o/a Clarkson Angels
  • YMCA of Greater Toronto
  • Young Minds Montessori Preschool Ltd.
  • Yunaland Inc. (Yunaland Daycare and Family Services)