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To keep your lawn looking healthy, just mow and go!

In Peel, grass clippings are not collected at the curb or accepted at Community Recycling Centres.

After mowing, just leave the clippings on the lawn. This is called grasscycling.

This video gives a quick overview of grasscycling:

Benefits of grasscycling

At first, you might think that grasscycling makes your lawn look untidy. Or that grasscycling causes lawn disease or thatch.

Truth is that grass clippings fall between the blades of grass and are barely noticeable.

And thatch and lawn disease are mainly caused by over-watering and over-fertilizing.

Grasscycling is better for your lawn and saves you money, time, and effort. Bagging isn’t required, and you won’t need to water your lawn as often.

Other information

If your mower has an attachable bag, remove the bag, and then follow these tips:

  1. Raise your mower. This will cut just the top section of the grass, keeping the clippings short. Short clippings decay and disappear faster.
  2. Mow when the grass is dry. Avoid wet clumps of grass clippings on the lawn.
  3. Mow often. Since you’re cutting only the top section of grass, you might need to mow more frequently. Mowing more often is also healthier for your lawn: it helps the grass grow thicker and prevents dandelions from spreading.