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Workshops, games, and other resources

Additional hands-on and online learning activities for Grades K-8.

These additional resources are suitable for all students in the Primary, Junior, and Intermediate elementary divisions.

Virtual waste workshops

Waste workshops are live, virtual, and engaging. They put the spotlight on current waste issues and will inspire students to reduce waste at home and school.

Virtual waste workshops are provided by Ecosource. For bookings, visit Ecosource.

Lesson outlines for each grade:

Online games

Waste sorting game
Drag and drop waste items into their proper place.

Where Should It Go? Maze Chase
Avoid enemies while running to the right zone.

Where Should It Go? Quiz Show
Put waste items in the right place before time runs out.


What Happens to Your Recycling
Watch how recyclables get a new life in Peel Region.

Life Cycle of a Banana
Tour through Peel’s food waste process.


GOOS bin
Create a GOOS (good on one side) paper bin for home or school.

How to Sort Your Waste
A search tool to help figure out where waste items should go.

Waste Sorting Activities
PowerPoint presentation for practicing waste sorting.


Go wasteless - poster
Tips for packing a waste free lunch every day.

Recycling poster for displaying in class or at home.

Garbage poster for displaying in class or at home.