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Junior division resources

Activity sheets, videos, and lesson plans for students in Grades 4-6

Junior division resources:


Waste Management Processes virtual tour
Explore how waste is processed in Peel.

How Long Until Your Waste is Gone - activity sheet
Research how long it takes for your waste to break down.

The Lifeline of Your Lunchbox - lesson plan
Guess how long it take items to break down in a landfill.


A Tour of Peels Recycling Facility - video
Watch how recyclables are processed in Peel Region.

What happens to your recycling - video
Watch how recyclables get a new life in Peel Region.

Where do batteries go? - lesson plan
Learn why its so important to dispose of batteries properly.

Recyclable vs. Non-recyclable Plastics - lesson plan
Through a story, learn to categorize recyclable plastics and non-recyclable plastics.

Recycling match up - printable activity sheet
Match items to what they turn into after theyre recycled.


Green bin waste hunt - lesson plan
Score and talk about the waste trends in your neighbourhood.

Sorting waste

Waste Sorting Crossword - printable activity sheet
Read the clues, then write waste-themed words in a crossword puzzle.