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Primary division resources

Activity sheets, online games, videos, and lesson plans for students in Grades K-3

Primary division resources:


Waste Detectives - activity sheet (Grades 2-5)
Do a scavenger hunt for waste-themed items.

Waste Management Word Search - activity sheet
Search for key waste topic words.

Pledge to Be a Green Warrior - activity sheet
Track your goals to become a Green Warrior.

LOOP SCOOPS: Garbage - video
Watch how Oliver makes a week's worth of garbage smaller.

LOOP SCOOPS: Electronic Gadgets - video
Find out how game device parts end up in landfill.


Practicing the 3 R's - video
Watch and sing along to The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Song.

Help Curby Sort it Out - activity sheet
Help Curby choose which items go into recycling.

Community Walk – Litter in the Neighborhood - lesson plan
Learn about the impacts of litter in your community.


Compost Comic Strip - activity sheet
Create a comic strip of a banana peel's lifecycle.

Green Bin Waste Hunt - lesson plan
Score and talk about the waste trends in your neighbourhood.

Green Bin Match Up - activity sheet
Connect items that go in the green bin.

Sorting waste

Online Waste Sorting Game - (Grades K-1)
Learn which bin common waste items should go into through this multiple-choice game.