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Concrete protective lining of the west trunk sewer

Construction work along Erin Mills Pkwy between Erin Centre Blvd and Dundas St. W. Project #19-2205.

The Region of Peel will be lining the West Trunk Sewer along Erin Mills Parkway between Erin Centre Blvd. and Dundas St. W. The majority of the work will take place within the existing trunk sewer. Access to the trunk sewer will be provided by using the existing maintenance holes located at:

A deep maintenance hole will also be created within the construction compound located at Erin Mills Parkway and Eglinton Ave. West as part of this contract. All the construction activities will take place within the construction compounds set-up at the above-noted locations.

Reducing the impact of construction

Project facts:

Pipe sizes:
3000 and 2400-mm (10 and 8 ft.)
sanitary sewer pipes

Construction Type:

Noise level:
Low to Moderate

Technicore Underground Inc.


The Region of Peel provides a safe environment that conforms to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, at all times.


Construction of this project started July 2021. The project will take approximately 2 years to complete.


The Region encourages you to notify us if you have special requirements or if you have any comments or issues.

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