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Curriculum Expectations

Adventures in Soil

Science and Technology

Understanding Earth and Space Systems - Soils in the Environment

Grade 3, students will:

1.1 assess the impact of soils on society and the environment, and suggest ways in which humans can enhance positive effects and/or lessen or prevent harmful effects

1.2 assess the impact of human action on soils, and suggest ways in which humans can affect soils positively and/or lessen or prevent harmful effects on soils

2.1 follow established safety procedures during science and technology investigations

2.2 investigate the components of soil the condition of soil, and additives found in soil using a variety of soil samples from different local environments, and explain how

2.3 use scientific inquiry/experimentation skills and knowledge and skills acquired from previous investigations, to determine which type(s) of soil will sustain life

2.4 investigate the process of composting, and explain some advantages and  disadvantages of composting

2.5 use appropriate science and technology vocabulary, including clay, sand, loam, pebbles, earth materials, and soil, in oral and written communication.

3.1 identify and describe the different types of soils

3.2 identify additives that might be in soil but that cannot always be seen

3.3 describe the interdependence between the living and non-living things that make up soil

3.4 describe ways in which the components of various soils enable the soil to provide shelter/homes and/or nutrients for different kinds of living things

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