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Curriculum Expectations

Grade 4 - Virtual Waste Reduction Workshops

Grade 4 Curriculum Connections:

  • 1.1 assess the social and environmental costs and benefits of using objects in the built environment that are made from rocks and minerals
  • 1.2 analyse the impact on society and the environment of extracting and refining rocks and minerals for human use, taking different perspectives into account


Science and Technology: Understanding Life Systems

  • 1.1 analyse the positive and negative impacts of human interactions with natural habitats and communities (e.g., human dependence on natural materials), taking different perspectives into account (e.g., the perspectives of a housing developer, a family in need of housing, an ecologist), and evaluate ways of minimizing the negative impacts

Social Studies—People and Environments: Political and Physical Regions of Canada

B1.2 assess aspects of the environmental impact of different industries in two or more physical and/or political regions of Canada

B1.3 describe some key actions taken by both industries and citizens to address the need for more sustainable use of land and resources

B2.1 formulate questions to guide investigations into some of the issues and challenges associated with balancing human needs/wants and activities with environmental stewardship in one or more of the political and/or physical regions of Canada

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