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Resource Summary

Grade 4 Understanding Life Systems- Habitats and Communities


  • The Brampton Wilderness Center is home to a variety of ecosystems, habitats, communities, and food chains.  With its dynamic environment, The Brampton Wilderness Center is the ideal place to witness and learn more about nature in our very own backyard.  Teachers can expect their students to be exposed to different interactive settings on site when learning about factors that affect animals’ habitat choices based on their basic needs.  Students will get the opportunity to study aspects of the onsite pond and relate them to themes of habitat and community.  By examining animals that can be found around The Brampton Wilderness Center, students will enjoy learning about local food chains, roles in those chains, and limits to them.  Finally, classes will explore human impacts on natural ecosystems including positives and negatives to human interactions, how humans rely upon natural communities, and a specific look at pollution and the effects we are currently facing.  With so much to offer, students will enjoy a day of hands-on learning in a relaxed learning environment with new challenges.

Resource Type:

  • Day Field Trip


  • 4

Curriculum Connections:


  • Fee Charged - $10 per Student


  • Accessible for students with special needs
    • All programs can be modified for participants with special needs with prior notice.
  • Suitable for English Language Learners


  • Available in Spring
  • Available in Fall
  • Available in Winter
  • Available to DPCDSB (Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board) schools
  • Available to PDSB (Peel District School Board) schools
  • Available to private schools

Resource only available to schools in:

  • Brampton
  • Caledon
  • Mississauga

Provider: City of Brampton

Contact Name: Kari Porter

Phone Number: (905) 874-3592

Website: http://www.brampton.ca/en/residents/recreational-Activities/Pages/wilderness-centre.aspx

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