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Helping businesses and workplaces reopen safely during COVID-19.

The Ontario government has announced Stage 3 of reopening for Peel. Ensure that your business conducts screening for workers and visitors who enter the facility

Under Stage 3 of the provincial reopening plan, many businesses and public spaces in Peel can reopen provided that public health and workplace safety measures are in place. Some high-risk venues and activities will remain closed until they can safely resume operations. Find out what can open in Stage 3.

In response to the recent rise in cases, an amended order requires food and drink establishments to follow tightened public health measures to reduce the risk of spread.

Toolkits to help you reopen your business

Each toolkit will have all the information you'll need.

Protect your staff and visitors who enter the workplace with these steps. For more details on reopening see the Ontario's Workplace Safety Plan.

Keeping workers safe

  • Adjust the workspace to create physical barriers or restructure physical settings between people to protect employees and visitors and ensure that 2 metres (6 feet) of space can be maintained.
  • When possible, employees should continue to work from home.
  • Install physical distancing markers or directional arrows to ensure a 1-way flow of people.
  • Review the sector-specific guidance

Workplace screening

  • Use the screening tool for staff and visitors who enter the facility.
  • Display the screening entry sign
  • Assess if active screening is necessary. Active screening means an employer is screening people who enter the building for symptoms and potential exposure.

Control the spread

Potential cases and exposures

  • Go through the workplace exposure checklist.
  • To prepare for possible contact tracing, keep a customer log.
  • Be informed of what to do if recovered employees are returning to work.
  • Employees who test positive for COVID-19 do not require a negative test before returning to work. Public health will check for symptom improvement and no fever before clearing them out of isolation.
  • Employees who are off work because they have COVID-19 or have been exposed and need to self-isolate may be eligible for financial support from the government. Encourage employees off work due to COVID-19 to learn more about the financial support and additional social support available to them.

Sector-specific guidance

Restaurants and bars

Mobile food

Pools, spas and recreational water

Tattoos, piercing, tanning and salons

Farmer's markets

Some facilities, like recreational water, require a pre-opening inspection under Ontario Regulation 565. Book an inspection appointment with Peel Public Health by calling 905-799-7700 or send us an email.

The Government of Ontario has developed sector-specific guidelines and posters to help protect workers, customers and the general public from COVID-19.

Businesses not reopening in Stage 3

Businesses that are unable to reopen in Stage 3 due to current restrictions, can visit the Ontario website to work with the province on a reopening plan.