M I N U T E S      ASC-2006-3

The Audit Subcommittee met on May 18, 2006, at 8:38 a.m. in the Council Chamber, Regional Administrative Headquarters, 10 Peel Centre Dr., Brampton.

Members Present: N. Iannicca, E. Kolb, G. Miles, R. Paterak, N. Stewart
Members Absent:   Nil
Other Regional
Councillors Present:
P. Mullin*
Also Present:   D. Szwarc, Chief Administrative Officer; D. Labrecque, Treasurer and Commissioner of Finance; K. Ward, Commissioner of Housing and Property and General Manager of Peel Living; J. Menard, Acting Commissioner of Social Services; J. Smith, Acting Commissioner of Health; J. MacCrae, Director of Finance, Housing and Property; S. Hewitt, Director, Business and Information Services, Public Works; B. Wilson, Director, Internal Audit; K. Travers, Associate Partner, KPMG; S. Jurrius, Acting Legislative Co-ordinator, Legislative Services

Chaired by Councillor N. Stewart




That the agenda for the May 18, 2006 Audit Subcommittee meeting be approved.


a) Beate Wilson, Director, Internal Audit Regarding the Internal Audit Awareness Day


Beate Wilson, Director, Internal Audit provided the Audit Subcommittee highlights of the activities and events that took place in celebration of the Internal Audit Awareness Day. Members of the subcommittee awarded the prizes to the winners of the Internal Audit Awareness daily quiz that appeared on Pathways, the internal website of the Region of Peel, in advance of the event.


a) Appointment and Remuneration of Auditors for Peel Housing Corporation


b) Review of Long Term Care
Presentation by Carolyn Clubine, Acting Director, Long Term Care and Stephen VanOfwegen, Director, Business and Information Services, Health Department


Carolyn Clubine, Acting Director, Long Term Care presented an overview on the recent audit conducted at the five Long Term Care Centres in the Region of Peel. She thanked Internal Audit staff for their professionalism and collaborative approach in working with the Long Term Care staff to improve the administration of the Long Term Care facilities.

Councillor Miles enquired if there is a policy in place for the management of financial resources of residents with no families. Carolyn Clubine informed the subcommittee that the Public Guardian and Trustee, a provincial body, can appoint a person to act on behalf of a resident or the Public Guardian and Trustee will manage and monitor the finances of residents without families.

In relation to one audit finding involving the management of resident trust funds, Regional Chair Kolb asked when was the last audit conducted prior to 2005. Beate Wilson, Director of Internal Audit, informed the subcommittee that the last audit was eight years ago. Internal Audit determined that an audit in 2005 was needed to determine and mitigate any risk areas in the Long Term Care Centres with regard to the management of revenues and resident trust funds. Beate Wilson stated that the $17,900 discrepancy was likely cumulative over many years. As part of the management action plan, surplus trust funds were disbursed equally to benefit all the residents in the three Long Term Care facilities where the variance occurred - Davis Centre, Peel Manor and Sheridan Villa.

Councillor Paterak enquired if the Region of Peel Long Term Care (LTC) Centres still issue cheques to the residents. Carolyn Clubine stated that the Region issues cheques for any amount over $100 and assured the subcommittee that existing policies account for all cheques issued by the Region.

c) Ontario Works Review
Presentation by Janet Menard, Acting Commissioner, Social Services and Margaret Radisa, Acting Director, Ontario Works


Janet Menard, Acting Commissioner, Social Services provided a summary of the programs delivered by Ontario Works and identified the key conclusions reached as a result of the audit. The audit focused on: 2005 program changes; Service Delivery Model Technology (SDMT) limitations; adequacy of financial controls; and, efforts to ensure maximization of funding and revenues. In conclusion, Janet Menard informed the members of the Audit Subcommittee that Ontario Works is proactive in developing and implementing controls to manage risk and maximize program and funding opportunities and that suggestions for improvement are all underway and scheduled for completion by year end. She thanked the Internal Audit team for their professionalism, expertise and support.

Councillor Mullin arrived 9:10 a.m.

Councillor Miles commended Ontario Works staff for conducting thorough ongoing reviews of its programs. The reviews serve as an assurance to the public that the Region is doing everything possible to improve its service to the residents and lessen the cost to the taxpayers. Councillor Mullin echoed the comments of Councillor Miles and congratulated staff for the work they have done to improve the services in Ontario Works.

d) 2006 Status of Management Action Plans


Beate Wilson summarized the report and noted that action plans are classified as either implemented, in progress, deferred or dropped. Seventy-one per cent of the management action plans have been implemented over the past year.

Beate Wilson further stated that management and staff are committed to strengthening controls and processes in their respective areas. She informed the Subcommittee that management continues to improve on the implementation of their action plans every year resulting in fewer outstanding audit recommendations.

e) 2006 Status of Management Action Plans for Peel Regional Police


Beate Wilson provided a brief overview of the status of the management action plans for Peel Regional Police. Overall 88 per cent of the management action plans have been implemented. She thanked the management at the Region of Peel and Peel Regional Police for aggressively addressing the recommendations in the reports.

Regional Chair Kolb commended Internal Audit staff for their dedication and hard work in providing a high-level of service to the Corporation. He recognized the positive impacts that resulted from audit reviews, and that audit reviews help improve the administration within all departments of the Region. Chair Kolb expressed his hope that the strong relationship between Peel Regional Police and Regional Internal Audit will continue in the future.




June 29, 2006
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Regional Administrative Headquarters
Council Chamber, 5th Floor
10 Peel Centre Dr.
Brampton, Ontario


The meeting adjourned at 9:25 a.m.