Drinks and Drama Trivia Game

InfluencesThis interactive game allows students to learn about alcohol, its effects, the laws, and how to make healthy decisions.

Key Messages:

  • Alcohol, like every other drug, changes the way your mind and body functions
  • Drinking alcohol has social, physical, environmental, and legal consequences



To do before: Set up the computer and LCD; load up Trivia Game

  • Split group into 2 teams
  • Teams will rotate their turns, each turn includes picking a category and dollar value then answering the question. If they answer the question correctly, they get the points and it's the other teams turn. If they do not answer the question correctly, the other team can steal (unless it's a true or false question)
  • Play the game until you finish all questions or time is up
  • Optional: Keep score throughout the game and tally the scores to see which team wins at the end

Technical Instructions:

  • When a team chooses a category and dollar value, click on the dollar value chosen and it will take you to the proper question
  • Once the team answers, to show the correct answer click the ? symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • To return to the main trivia board, click on the house icon at the bottom left corner of the screen

Note to teachers: This activity could be used as a final activity in the unit to wrap up all the information learned from the other activities; alternatively it could be used at the beginning to assess student's level of knowledge on the subject.

Curriculum Expectation:

C1.2 - Describe the short and long-term effects of alcohol use, and identify factors that can affect intoxication.

C3.3 - Identify personal and social factors (e.g., emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, cultural, legal, media, and peer influences) that can affect a person's decision to drink alcohol at different points in his or her life.

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