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revised March 24, 2011

Arrow BulletSelf Esteem: Becoming Your Own Power Source - Self Reliance

Pursuing Dreams

  • When self-esteem is strengthened, you no longer have to live life so carefully to avoid rejection, because your basic sense of approval comes from within. You feel free to see new situations as opportunities for learning and growth - you can dream and accept responsibility for making things happen.
  • This doesn't mean taking careless risk, but rather, thoughtful, well-planned risk with strong possibilities for success... and testing yourself to see how far you can go.
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Taking Risks

  • Whatever the outcome, the learning that takes place is applied to the next challenge. For almost every great idea, there are several trial runs, and some of the highest achievements are the result of the failure of an initial idea.
  • Children dream; adults often feel compelled to be practical and logical. It may help to think back to when you were a child, re-capture those early dreams and create new dreams from where you are now...
    • Play the Guitar
    • Speak Another Language
    • Learn to Scuba Dive or Ski
    • Travel to Africa
    • Climb a Mountain
    • Start My Own Business
    • Write a Novel or Song
  • Dreams are by nature connected to your values and what you feel passionate about.
  • Use this enthusiasm to turn your dreams into goals with action plans.
  • Share your goals with people you care about and who may support you in reaching them.
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Setting Goals and Priorities

  1. Break your goal down into manageable steps.
  2. Sort out priorities into short-term goals - achievable in a short period, e.g. 2-4 weeks.
  3. Set a target date to reach your overall goal
  4. Know the benefits of reaching your goal.
  5. Think about obstacles that might come along and ways of dealing with them.
  6. Set checkpoints to mark your progress along the way.
  7. Adjust your action plan based on what works and what doesn't.
  8. Revise your target date as you learn.
  9. Reward yourself and appreciate your achievement.
  10. Track your successes and make them grow...
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Becoming Your Own Power Source:

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Revised: March 24, 2011

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