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Arrow BulletSelf Esteem: Believing in Yourself - Self-Acceptance

Developing a Clear and Accurate Self-Image

How Do I See Myself?

  • kind... insensitive... organized... scattered... stimulating... boring... cautious... aggressive... trust-worthy... too trusting... adaptable... inflexible... friendly... withdrawn...
  • Everyone has strengths, abilities and unique talents. When self-esteem is low, the mental picture you have of yourself is focused on failings, exaggerating those areas where you feel weak or ineffective, and overlooking what you do well... in other words the picture is inaccurate! But it leaves you with a very negative self-image.
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't,
you're right"
(Henry Ford).
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Think of characteristics to describe yourself briefly in each of these 4 categories in the Self-Image Exercise.

This Self-Image Exercise is designed to help you develop a fair and accurate self-image with a clear picture of your strengths, and an awareness of the areas you may want to round out or develop.

Self-Image Exercise
Relationships with Others
Day to Day Functioning
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Following is an example of a self-image exercise completed when self-esteem is low, and re-worked to acknowledge and celebrate forgotten or overlooked strengths.
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