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revised July 26, 2007
Family Violence

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Forms of Woman Abuse Sexual Health

Woman abuse is the intentional and systematic use of tactics to establish and maintain power and control in a relationship. Tactics may include:

Physical Abuse

  • Such as hitting, slapping, punching, choking or any other action that might cause, or threaten to cause, harm or injury to your body.
Sexual Assault / Abuse
  • forcing you to have sexual relations against your consent, and/or any unwanted sexual touching or advances, threats to end the relationship if you do not engage in sexual acts.
Emotional Abuse or Psychological Abuse
  • name calling, threats to take away your children, threats to commit suicide, humiliating or criticizing you in public, not allowing you to see your friends, family members and/or neighbors.
Financial Abuse
  • controlling all the money or finances, not allowing you to work outside of the home.

Environmental Abuse

  • breaking possessions, harming pets, restricting entry into our out of the house

Religious / Spiritual Abuse

  • not allowing you to participate in spiritual or religious practices, or using those beliefs to control or punish you.

Stalking (criminal harassment)

  • following you, persistent and/or threatening phone-calls or e-mails.
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Revised: July 26, 2007

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