Smoke-Free Fortune Teller Game Instructions

For Grades 4 & 5

You Head to the Park image"Smoke-Free Fortune Teller" helps younger students understand some of the issues surrounding the dangers of smoking and second-hand smoke.

This game can be put together and played in the classroom, on the playground or at home.

How to play

  • A folded copy of the game is included to show what the finished product looks like. Folding instructions are included on each game sheet.
  • "Smoke-Free Fortune Teller" works by having a student make a series of choices between different scenarios. The "story" that unfolds concludes with an outcome that includes a strategy to stay smoke-free.
  • One student holds the game and acts as the "fortune-teller." The "player" picks a scenario from the choices on the outside flaps and the fortune-teller counts out the appropriate number.
  • The player then chooses one of the 4 scenario choices displayed on the inside flaps and the corresponding number is again counted out by the fortune-teller.
  • The player then makes a final choice between the scenarios presented and the fortune teller lifts the flap and reads the outcome of the player's story underneath.

Points of discussion

"Smoke-Free Fortune Teller" is designed to help kids think of strategies they can use to keep themselves and their surroundings smoke-free.

Stimulate discussion by asking your students questions like:

  • "What are some other ways you could deal with some of these situations?"
  • "What are some other times when you might need to deal with people smoking or asking you to smoke?"

Walk to School imageYou can also generate discussion around some of the topics introduced in the game's scenarios and outcomes such as:

  • Peer pressure. ("What if someone offers you a cigarette?")
  • Second-hand smoke. ("Everyone around you is smoking" or, "What would you say if your friend says cigarettes hurt only smokers?")
  • Addiction. ("Smoking is addictive - once you start it's hard to stop.")
  • Health consequences. ("Smoking makes you start coughing and feel sick.")

Revised: Thursday February 21 2019

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