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Help for people with disabilities

If you have a disability and need help paying for food and shelter, you can apply for financial help. This is called the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

COVID-19 emergency benefits

Talk to your ODSP caseworker about how to apply.

ODSP is provided by the Ontario government to eligible people with disabilities.

ODSP offers:

To be eligible for ODSP, you must be in financial need, and you must meet the province's definition of a person with a disability.

Apply Online at

It may take some time to become eligible for ODSP. If you are in urgent need of financial help, you can apply for Ontario Works while you are waiting.

MyBenefits from the Ontario government

Access information about your OW or ODSP case, report income, and change your address online. Register and access at

ODSP discretionary benefits

If you receive ODSP benefits, you may also be eligible for additional help from the Region of Peel.

We can help you pay for items such as:

To apply for these items, complete the ODSP Discretionary Benefit Request Form (PDF). Fax your completed form and all supporting documents to 905-793-4833.

You will be contacted by phone within 4 business days to discuss your application. During the COVID-19 pandemic this timeframe may increase.

If you have questions, need an alternate format, or need help filling out this form, call us:

Extended discretionary emergency benefits

Available to Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients. If you require assistance with costs of additional expenses, contact your OW caseworker or ODSP caseworker.

Customer service survey

The Ontario government wants to hear about your experiences with Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Take the survey.

Other information

The quickest way to apply for ODSP is online. If you can't apply online, you can also apply by phone or in person at the following locations:


Ministry of Community and Social Services
Ontario Disability Support Program - Income and Employment Supports
Income and Employment Supports
370 Main Street North, Unit 2
Brampton ON L6V 4A4

Toll Free: 1-877-466-5025
TTY: 905-460-2590
Fax: 905-455-8900


Ministry of Community and Social Services
Ontario Disability Support Program - Income and Employment Supports
Income and Employment Supports
4 Robert Speck Parkway, 14th floor
Mississauga ON L4Z 1S1

Toll Free: 1-800-361-0897
TDD/TTY: 905-897-3109
Fax: 905-897-5129

Your application for ODSP

After you have had your in-person meeting with a caseworker, you will find out within 15 days if you are eligible for income support or not.

If you are told that you are not eligible for income support, and you disagree with this decision, or if you require more money to meet your needs, you have 30 days to appeal the decision by submitting a request for an internal review.

To get more information about the appeal process, visit the Province of Ontario's How to Appeal a Decision page.

Your application ODSP discretionary benefits

If you have applied for ODSP discretionary benefits and you disagree with the decision you received, you can request an internal review. It is an opportunity for us to make sure that the rules were correctly followed for your case.

To request an internal review, you should do the following:

  • provide your request in writing within 30 days of receiving the decision letter
  • say in your request “I am requesting an internal review”
  • explain why you disagree with the decision that was made (optional)
  • include your full name
  • include the nine-digit member identification number that appears on the decision letter
  • sign and date the request

You can mail or drop off your request for an internal review to the following address or send it by fax to 905-826-9801. Keep a copy of your request.

Human Services - ODSP Internal Review Request
7120 Hurontario Street, PO Box 3600 RPO Streetsville
Mississauga, ON

Once we receive your request for an internal review, your file will be reviewed by another Ontario Works staff member. You may get a call from the person who is reviewing your file. You should send any additional information that you think would help in the review.

Our office must finish the review and give you the results within ten (10) days of receiving your written request for an internal review. You will receive the results of the internal review in writing.

If you would like to seek legal advice about this matter, you can contact Legal Aid Ontario for the community legal aid clinic in your area. Legal Aid Ontario may be reached by calling (416) 979-1446 (within Toronto), 1-800-668-8258 (outside of Toronto) or 1-866-641-8867 (TTY device). You can also contact them online at or by email at

If the decision stands after the internal review, you can not appeal to the Social Benefits Tribunal.