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    Peel Housing Programs & Initiatives

    Housing and Property Overview

    Social Housing Administration - Background to Devolution | Social Housing in Peel Timeline | Peel Administered Social Housing Maps

    Social Housing Administration – Background to Devolution

    The Social Housing Reform Act (SHRA)

    The Provincial government proclaimed the Social Housing Reform Act (SHRA) into law on December 13, 2000. The Act sets out the framework that devolved administrative responsibility for public housing and all Ontario non-profit housing projects to the municipal governments. These projects include co-operatives, private community sector non-profits, and municipal non-profits (like Peel Living). The legislation replaced the operating agreements of all provincially administered non-profits, as each of Ontario’s Municipal Services Managers took on social housing administration. At the same time, the operating agreements of federally administered non-profits were also transferred to municipal administration. Projects administered by the Ministries of Health and Community and Social Services were not transferred, and properties built prior to 1984 under federally funded programs (mainly co-operatives) are administered under their own Operating Agreements with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

    The transfer of responsibilities from the Province to Peel happened in two stages:

    1. The first stage created a share capital corporation – the Peel Regional Housing Corporation (PRHC), as successor to the Peel Regional Housing Authority, and transferred the Province’s public housing assets to PRHC on January 1, 2001. In January of 2003, the Region of Peel amalgamated the PRHC and our existing municipal non-profit housing provider, Peel Living, into one large housing corporation. The new corporation is called Peel Housing Corporation (PHC), with Peel Living remaining as its marketing name.
    2. The second stage of the transfer of responsibilities involved the transfer of:
      • Social housing program administration of all provincially administered co-operatives, community non-profits, and Peel Living properties;
      • Waiting list management of all rent-geared-to-income applications; and
      • Administration of commercial rent supplement programs.

    As the local Service Manager, Peel is obliged under the SHRA to set rules for: occupancy standards, social housing application processes, determining eligibility, and internal review processes.

    The timeline that follows provides information about the history of local social housing development, and senior level policy and programs as they relate to Peel.

    Social Housing Development in Peel Timeline

    A historical timeline (41 KB, 1 page) illustrating Peel’s Social Housing development.

    Peel Administered Social Housing Maps

    • Mississauga
      • Map (100 KB, 1 page)
      • Data (19 KB, 2 pages)
    • Brampton
      • Map (83 KB, 1 page)
      • Data (12 KB, 1 page)
    • Caledon
      • Map (70 KB, 1 page)
      • Data (6 KB, 1 page)

    Revised: Wednesday April 18 2012

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