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    Peel Housing Programs & Initiatives

    Rent Supplement Program

    What are Rent Supplements?

    The rent supplement program is a form of social housing whereby units in buildings owned by both private sector landlords and non-profit/co-operative social housing providers are subsidized for residents who cannot afford market level rents.

    Rent supplements involve a contract between these private landlords or non-profit/co-operative social housing providers and the Region of Peel.

    Residents pay a rent-geared-to-income (RGI) portion of the rent directly to the landlord and the rent supplement program bridges the gap between the actual market rent for the unit and the resident’s RGI rent. Rent supplement residents are selected from the centralized waiting list run by Peel Access to Housing (PATH) and they are seamlessly integrated into existing neighbourhoods and communities in Peel.

    Rent Supplements in Peel

    Currently, there are just over 2400 rent supplement units in the Region. As Service Manager, the Region of Peel, through the Human Services department, is responsible for administering rent supplement contracts, management and the administration of the rent supplement units in Peel. This responsibility was devolved to the Region from the Province as part of the Social Housing Reform Act, 2000 (SHRA).

    Both provincial and federal funds continue to flow to Peel for the administration of the various rent supplement programs which have a variety of cost sharing arrangements, target client group, etc. The Region’s rent supplement agreements with landlords can last between one and twenty-five years under these programs.

    Staff is focused on ensuring that landlords are content with their agreements and that they receive correct and timely subsidy payments for their units. Rent supplement staff also work with residents, ensuring that they are satisfied with their accommodation and that they are meeting their obligations.

    The Region continues to advocate for additional rent supplement units for use in its new social housing buildings to make the rent on new units truly affordable for low-income households.

    Housing Allowance Program

    Following a Federal/Provincial Affordable Housing Agreement signed in April 2005, the Governments of Canada and Ontario committed funding for new housing initiatives. The first-wave of funding, $80 million, was used to create 5,000 housing allowances for a maximum of five years across Ontario.

    Housing allowances provide monthly rent subsidies designed to immediately help expand affordable rental housing opportunities for applicants on the PATH centralized wait list. The Housing Allowance supplements the resident’s rental payments to the landlord in order to make rents more affordable to the household. Through this program, landlords have the opportunity to offer vacant units to households in need of rental assistance. Only vacant units qualify for funding under this program.

    To submit an application for rent-geared-to-income housing, please contact Peel Access to Housing at 905-453-1300 or send an e-mail to: peelaccesstohousing@peelregion.ca

    Revised: Wednesday April 18 2012

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