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    Peel Advisory Working Group on Older Adults' Housing

    What is the Peel Advisory Working Group on Older Adults’ Housing?

    The Peel Advisory Working Group on Older Adults’ Housing (AWG) is a community-based group established in 2001 by Peel Regional Council. The Advisory Working Group was established based on the recommendations of a study conducted in 2000 entitled Housing Needs and Options of Older Adults in Peel Region. The study identified the need to provide a range of housing options for the growing number of older adults aged 55 years and older in Peel. The central mandate of the group is to develop and promote ways of meeting current and future affordable rental and ownership housing needs for older adults in Peel Region.

    The Group advises Council on the housing needs of Peel’s rapidly growing 55+ population ─ forecasted to increase to 443,000 by 2031, nearly tripling the 2001 older adult population. The group’s membership represents more than 20 community groups and social service agencies, private sector organizations, the development industry, private citizens and older adult residents, and includes four Regional Councilors, staff from the Region’s Human Services, Planning, and Health departments, and planners from each of the area municipalities. The group reports directly to Peel Regional Council through quarterly update reports, and has its secretariat and research support through the department’s Policy Section. The AWG has a website at: www.peelregion.ca/housing/.

    Overview of Activities

    Since its inception the Advisory Working Group (AWG) has accomplished the following:

    2001/2002 – Reviewed the 30 recommendations put forth by the founding study Housing Needs and Options of Older Adults in Peel Region and established priorities; developed a strategic work plan and began creating linkages with other relevant groups and committees. Began implementation of the recommendations, and explored best practices.

    2003 – A comprehensive study based on a survey and focus groups and involving almost 1400 Peel older adult residents was completed. Entitled Views of Older Adults in Peel Region on Housing Needs and Options, the findings from this housing perceptions study provided valuable information to Peel’s database and identified housing options that are most appropriate and marketable in Peel. Also, the AWG met with the Housing and Property Department Management Team to discuss priority recommendations put forward in the new study and identify roles and responsibilities going forward.

    2004 – AWG members made deputations to all three local area municipal Councils with regard to its plans as a result of the new study. Further, a forum was held for local builders and developers where the key findings from the study were presented. Other priorities included: promoting access to the federal Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) and increasing understanding of the mental health and housing needs of Peel’s older adults.

    2005 – AWG’s major undertaking this year was holding its second builder-developer forum. Up-to-date data on population growth and trends and several best practices in older adults’ housing were showcased. The AWG also improved its educational and awareness materials for older adult residents.

    The AWG continues to advocate for the affordable housing needs of older adults in Peel to the senior levels of government. It has made recommendations regarding increased rent supplements, community support services, and funding for aging-in-place programs for Peel’s older adults.

    Peel Advisory Working Group (86 KB, 1 page)

    Revised: Wednesday August 01 2007

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