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Focus Areas: Climate Change

Policies in the Regional Official Plan related to the larger theme of climate change are being reviewed and updated. A discussion paper providing background and policy options is available for review.


The "Climate Change Discussion Paper" (PDF) provides background on the impacts, risks and vulnerabilities associated with a changing climate. The paper also outlines current legislation, proposed policy options, and suggested land-use planning tools being considered to update the Official Plan that can help the Region adapt to, and mitigate, the effects of climate change.


Climate change can be defined as any change in climate over time, whether due to natural changes or as a result of human activity. In Peel, the Region is expected to experience hotter summers, warmer winters, and more frequent and extreme weather events. These projected changes will impact existing ecosystems, infrastructure, the built environment, human health, agriculture and the local economy. As Peel's population continues to grow, exposure to the risks and vulnerabilities of a changing climate will be intensified.

Recent updates to the Provincial Policy Statement, 2014 and Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017) have recognized the need to incorporate climate change policies throughout official plans in key areas, including growth management, sustainable transportation, water resources, natural heritage, energy and agriculture.

Guided by the over-arching theme of ‘Sustainability’, the Regional Official Plan aims to create a strong, vibrant and resilient community that can adapt to changes, such as the impact of climate change. The Climate Change Focus Area of Peel 2041 provides an opportunity for the Region to review, update and add to existing policies in the Regional Official Plan in response to this need.

The Region, local municipalities and conservation authorities are also taking other proactive approaches to address climate change through the Peel Climate Change Strategy. It contains actions to adapt to, and mitigate against, the impacts of climate change. To learn more about the Region's effort to address climate change, please visit www.peelregion.ca/climatechange.

Climate Change

For more information, email the Project Planner or call (905) 791-7800 ext. 4266.

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