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Sewage condition assessment

Abandoned East Trunk sewer & energy dissipation chamber - Etobicoke Creek Valley

What we are doing

Assessing the feasibility of rehabilitating an existing abandoned trunk sewer located in the Etobicoke Valley lands and conducting inspections in the Etobicoke Creek Valley near Southcreek Rd.

You may notice the following activities in the Valley lands:

Traffic control

The Etobicoke Valley Leash Free Zone parking lot, located on Southcreek Rd., will be closed for short periods to move equipment into the valley and access will be restricted to a small area in the Etobicoke Creek Valley for the public’s safety.


Investigative work to begin June 19, 2019 and carry on intermittently through the summer. Please note that crews may return to specific locations if secondary inspection is needed, if there is inclement weather, or if a problem arises.  Night work may be necessary to inspect the trunk sewers during low flow conditions.


In 2014, the Region abandoned a 460m long section of the East Trunk sewer and an existing energy dissipation chamber, located in the Etobicoke Creek valley lands and constructed a new sewer.

Since 2014, the Region has continued to grow and flows into the East Trunk have increased over time.  With additional growth planned in Mississauga City Centre, flows in the East Trunk are expected to continue to increase.  This section of sewer could move up to 14,000 Litres of wastewater every second to the Region’s G.E. Booth Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This capacity could be used to move or store wastewater during large rainfall events when flows are highest.  Using this sewer for storage would provide additional flexibility and resiliency within the Region’s trunk sewer system. 

Who you can call

Notify the project manager for any questions, comments or concerns, or if you have any special needs.

Dan Bennington, C.E.T
Project Manager, Wastewater Capital – Condition Assessment Rehabilitation
Public Works, Region of Peel
905-791-7800 ext. 7927