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The Region converts organics and yard waste collected from the curb into compost.

Other information

All Peel Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) sell compost.


Regional compost costs 3.5¢ per kg or $35 per tonne plus HST (rounded down to the nearest dollar).


Compost is currently unavailable.

When compost is for sale, supply may be limited, and availability can change without notice.

Safety and quality

Peel's compost meets all Provincial requirements for safety and quality.


  • The Region does not deliver compost. Please bring a shovel and a container for loading your own compost.
  • Small sharp pieces can pass through the screener while the compost is being processed. These fragments can cut or scrape skin. Always be careful and wear gloves when handling compost.

Backyard composter sales have been suspended until further notice.

A Region of Peel composter costs $22.00 (including taxes).

Composters are sold at Peel Community Recycling Centres year-round while quantities last.