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Health After Pregnancy

Dad, Mother, Baby

Becoming a Dad

What to Expect

Key Points

  • Becoming a new dad can be exciting and scary at the same time.
  • It's common for new dads to feel unprepared.
  • Learn what you can before you leave the hospital.
  • Spend time with your baby as often as you can.

New dads feel different emotions

You'll feel many different emotions when you become a dad.
The first few weeks with baby are an exciting time. You'll feel happy and proud to be a dad, but a bit scared too.

It is natural for you or your partner to feel scared or overwhelmed during this time, but if these feelings don't go away or you start to feel hopeless, down or upset/angry, it is important to speak to your physician or a trusted friend or family member.

About 10% of men develop Postpartum Depression and it can often go unnoticed because of all the changes with a new baby.

Get hands-on experience at the hospital

Hey Dad! Looking for a little help?
Check out these helpful videos developed for fathers by fathers

Visit our Just for Dads site for all you need-to-know about taking care of your new baby.

It is common for dads to feel unprepared when baby comes home from the hospital.

Learning as much as you can about baby care before you leave the hospital will make you feel more confident when you get home. Speaking with a nurse about changing and bathing your new baby and practicing these skills will make you feel comfortable and confident.

Work time vs. baby time

You might have to return to work soon after your baby is born. This can make it difficult to keep a balance between work and life at home.

When you're at home, interact with your baby as often as possible. Spending time holding, cuddling and caring for your baby will help strengthen the bond you'll share for the rest of your lives.

Speak with a Peel Public Health Nurse
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