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Private stock strategy

Providing incentives for homeowners and landlords to increase the supply of affordable housing units.

Optimize existing stock is a strategy in the 10-year Peel Housing and Homelessness Plan.

There are 8 initiatives under this strategy:

Leveraging private homes

Partnerships with private landlords


Staff will report to Regional Council on the development of each of the initiatives as they are designed for implementation.

Addressing urgent housing needs

To support initiatives within the Private Stock Strategy, including the My Home Second Unit Renovation Program, as well as increases to emergency shelter beds and street outreach services, the Region reallocated base funding from 5 former housing programs.

This puts us in a better position to address the urgent housing needs of Peel’s most vulnerable residents while using tax investments in a responsible manner.

The 5 discontinued grants programs include:

Learn more about the new My Home Second Renovation Program and how you can apply.