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Sanitary sewer replacement and improvement

Fair Birch Drive and Birchview Drive. Project 18-2300 C1

The Region of Peel will be working in your neighborhood to install a new sanitary sewer along Fair Birch Drive and on a portion of Birchview Drive (view the map).

Sanitary sewers are underground pipes that carry wastewater from your home to a wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater is created when water goes down the drain or is flushed down the toilet. As pipes age and our population grows, we need to replace older sewers to keep providing you with high quality wastewater services.

Construction within these temporary working compound sites is anticipated to last nine to twelve months and will require:

The existing aged sanitary sewer located within rear-yard easements north of Fair Birch (between Birchview Drive and the Lornewood Creek trunk sewer to the east) will be abandoned following construction of the microtunnel under a separate construction contract.

Construction schedule

Construction is planned to begin mid-April 2022 and be completed by fall 2023. Tree trimming, tree removal and the installation of protective tree hoarding may begin in early April.

All work is under warranty for two years from the completion date.

Contractor and working hours

The work will be completed by Technicore Underground Inc. and supported by R.J Burnside & Associated Limited, both under contract to the Region of Peel. This contractor’s normal working hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. These hours are consistent with the local municipality’s bylaws. We understand this may cause some inconvenience, but shorter working days would require your neighbourhood to be under construction for a longer period of time.

Traffic and parking

  • A temporary road closure of Birchview Drive will be necessary at the intersection of Fair Birch Drive to construct the temporary working compound site for the microtunneling operations. The contractor will prepare a detour route and install road signs along the route giving directions. The detour route will also be communicated to local residents and provided on the Region’s website.
  • A temporary lane reduction on Fair Birch Drive will be required to construct another temporary working compound for the microtunneling operations. Drivers will need to reduce speeds, abide by traffic signs, and exercise caution when traveling through this area.
  • On-street parking will be reduced in select areas and will be signed accordingly.

You will be notified by a separate notice before these traffic impacts will occur.

Areas impacted by construction

Areas impacted by construction are expected to be localized to the three temporary working compound areas to allow for the microtunneling work to proceed. They are located at:

  • On Birchview Drive near the intersection of Fair Birch Drive.
  • Near the midpoint of Fair Birch Drive.
  • At Fair Birch Drive parkette.

The construction work required to set up, maintain and take down the temporary working compound sites is also expected to impact the adjacent land, which may cause temporary damage to roads, curbs, sidewalk, boulevards, driveway aprons and lawns within the municipal right of way, which is the land owned by the municipality that fronts your property. Any damage caused by the Region’s construction will be repaired. If you have any plans for paving or major landscaping projects along your property frontage this year, we recommend that you contact the Region to inquire if your property will be impacted by construction and we may suggest you delay your project until the Region’s construction work is completed.

These working compound areas are anticipated to be in place for approximately 9-12 months to allow for all work to be completed.

Tree trimming and removal

As part of this work, some street trees will be removed and replaced to facilitate the construction.

If tree branches within the municipal right-of-way interfere with construction, the trees will be pruned beforehand.

If tree branches on private property interfere with construction, they will be pruned back to the nearest suitable trunk or branch. If you do not allow personnel onto your property to trim the tree, the branches will be cut vertically at the property line.

Repairing areas impacted by construction

We will start repairing the road, curb, sidewalk, driveways, and lawns once the sanitary sewer construction has been completed and all temporary working compound areas are removed. Repairs may be delayed due to contractor availability or certain seasonal weather conditions.

For example:

  • Paving cannot take place when the ground is saturated with water, or the temperature is below 3°C.
  • Asphalt is not available in large volumes during the winter. Asphalt usually becomes available around mid-May.
  • Most sod farms are located north of Peel. They usually have sod available beginning in late May. We will replace the sod on your property once it is available. We replace sod only until the middle of November, weather permitting, to let the sod grow roots. If we do not repair your lawn by the middle of November, we’ll replace the sod the following spring.

Streetlight relocation

The contractor will be relocating a few streetlights in the project area to facilitate construction. This is anticipated to occur mid to late April, with temporary minor traffic control set up to accommodate the work. The streetlight relocations will be temporary and last for the duration of the project. Street lighting will be maintained as per local requirements and will be reinstated to original condition when construction is complete.

Waste collection

Your garbage, recycling and organics containers will continue to be picked up on your regularly scheduled day. It is the contractor’s responsibility to move your garbage, recycling, and organics bins from the end of your driveway to a location where waste collection vehicles can pick them up. Empty containers will be returned to their corresponding addresses. Please make sure your house number is clearly marked on each bin.

Noise and vibrations

You may be able to feel slight vibrations from the construction work. This is normal and generally not a cause for concern. During construction, the contractor will be required to implement a program to monitor and ensure that noise and vibration from construction activities does not exceed applicable limits. This will involve a third party setting up temporary monitoring equipment in the vicinity of the work area to record the noise and vibration.

The contractor will be required to employ effective noise control techniques during construction (including use of mufflers, intake silencers, acoustic attenuating shields, etc.) for all equipment and trucks to reduce construction noise impacts.

Safety during construction

Construction zones require extra caution to keep everyone safe – pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and construction workers. When driving, walking, or biking through the construction area, please be aware of your surroundings, watch for construction crews and other road users, slow down, account for delays, and consider other routes if possible. Learn more about how to stay safe in construction zones.


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Public Works, Region of Peel
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