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About TransHelp


About TransHelp

The Region of Peel provides specialized public transit for eligible residents in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.  This door-to-door service is called TransHelp.

You may be eligible for TransHelp if you experience a barrier to using conventional public transit due to your physical, cognitive, visual, sensory or mental health disability.

TransHelp and our regional transportation partners are aiming to reach 100% accessibility by 2025, across a fully integrated transit network.

TransHelp uses a combination of buses and contracted vehicles to provide service to passengers.

Shared Ride Service

TransHelp is a shared ride service - the same as conventional public transit, light rail or train. We accommodate thousands of passengers every month. Routes are designed to maximize efficiency. In most cases, you will experience several drop-offs and pick-ups during your TransHelp trip.  As a result, trips may take up to 90 minutes.

Same Fares as Public Transit

You will pay the same fare that you would to take public transit in the Region. However, you will have to pay in advance, and maintain an up-to-date account with TransHelp.

Watch this video for an introduction to TransHelp:

Eligibility for TransHelp

You may be eligible for TransHelp if you experience a barrier to taking conventional public transit some or all of the time, due to your disability.

Check your eligibility and apply online.

Conventional Public Transit Partners

Our conventional public transit partners are constantly working to meet the needs of all residents. They are improving the accessibility of their buses, stops and programs to support all passengers.

For information on accessible public transit in Peel visit:

The TransHelp Passenger Charter sets out the expectations and responsibilities of TransHelp passengers and employees.

Learn what your responsibilities are as a passenger, and what you can expect.

What Passengers Can Expect

As a Passenger, you can expect to:

  • Be transported safely and travel in a clean and well-maintained vehicle by an operator who practices appropriate personal hygiene.
  • Be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • Have your calls answered promptly and courteously.
  • Be picked up on time within the pick-up window.
  • Be transported to a safe place if delivery to your original destination is not possible.
  • Be taken to the first accessible door at your final destination, but not inside.
  • Expect service that meets the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Passenger Responsibilities

As a Passenger, your responsibilities include:

  • Paying the full fare for the service provided and maintaining a positive account balance.
  • Wearing a seatbelt at all times.
  • Being courteous and considerate of other passengers, drivers, and customer service agents.
  • Practicing appropriate personal hygiene.
  • Being ready during your pick-up window.
  • Using paratransit correctly to ensure that the service is available to all.
  • Using conventional transportation when it's available and accessible.

We value your feedback. We use your feedback and complaints to resolve issues and improve our services.

You can contact us by phone, email, or standard mail.

By email

Reach us by email at transhelp@peelregion.ca.

By phone

  • Land line: dial 905-791-1015 (for IVR, press 1).
  • Bell Mobile: #THLP (#8457)
  • Rogers Mobile: #THLP (#8457)

Calls to #THLP are free for Rogers or Bell customers.

By mail

Reach us by mail at:

TransHelp Office
2 Copper Road
Brampton, ON
L6T 4W5

The TransHelp Advisory Committee (TAC) contributes to the success of TransHelp's day-to-day operations. TAC is also vital in planning TransHelp's future. All TAC members live in Peel and represent TransHelp's passengers. As individuals, each member offers input and ideas from a unique perspective, ensuring that TransHelp provides the best possible service.

TAC Members: 2016–2020 Term

  • Steven Viera – Chair
  • Jeremy Harvey – Vice Chair
  • Mark Castro – Ex–officio
  • Anu Missar
  • Joanne Strang
  • Mary Ann Ninan
  • Hassan Karkour
  • Maria Constantin-Evenson
  • Azhar Karim

Email the committee: AskYourTAC@peelregion.ca

TAC Meeting Minutes