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Peel's Economic Pulse

Peel’s Economic Pulse is a yearly report. It details how Peel’s economy is performing and provides an outlook for future performance.

Peel’s Economic Pulse provides an ongoing “pulse” of changes in Peel’s economy. It also details what that means for Peel’s residents, businesses and community.

Policies to protect health, to support Canadians, and to facilitate economic recovery, remained in place in 2021, resulting in improved economic performance. This year’s report summarizes Peel’s 2021 economic performance, and its short, medium, and long-term outlook.

Download the report: Peel’s Economic Pulse – 2021 Performance and Outlook*.

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Check Peel’s Dashboard of Economic Indicators for the most-recent snapshot of Peel’s economy. This dashboard is updated every 4 months.

*If you require this document in an alternate format, please contact:

Judith McWhinney
Regional Economist,
Corporate Services